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Haridwar Natural Gas Pvt. Ltd.

Haridwar Natural Gas Pvt. Ltd. Payment Collection through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Enroll as a BillAvenue Collection Agent today and start earning regular income from Haridwar Natural Gas bill payment collections through the BBPS system. BillAvenue gives you quick access to a wide range of utilities for whom you can collect monthly bill payments and draw your commission. Thousands of utility consumers need a unified bill payment platform for paying off their monthly bills of services such as Direct-To-home, mobile postpaid, broadband, electricity, gas, water supply, etc. This is your chance to serve maximum number of customers from these categories and take home your remuneration for offering bill collection services.

Collect monthly bills through Haridwar Natural Gas BBPS and earn Generous Service Fee

Haridwar Natural Gas Private Limited is a Haridwar, Uttarakhand based natural gas distribution company. It is committed to build a network of pipelines and to connect domestic customers as per the terms of authorization. The main source of gas is Bawana Nangal Pipeline. The total area covered under GA Haridwar is 2305 sqkm. Haridwar Natural Gas consumers are large in number and therefore there is an increasing need of a standardized bill payment solution which can assist these customers with clearing their monthly gas consumption bills either online or offline in a hassle-free way. Finding a place to pay all the utility bills together is no longer a challenge for these customers. The HNGPL BBPS system supports instant online bill payment for customer convenience. Besides this, Bill Collection agents are available at their service centers to assist the customers with bill payments. In your own region or small town you can now operate from your service center as a Collection Agent and earn your income on a regular basis.

Become an agent for HNGPL online bill payment BBPS and Earn Guaranteed Income

Haridwar Natural Gas Pvt. Ltd. is committed to reach out to every possible gas consumer in its expanded geographical area. BillAvenue provides an online gas payment BBPS system through which bill payment becomes instant and convenient for the customer. Joining BillAvenue as a Collection Agent can make you proficient in the field of bill collection and also provide you an opportunity to earn attractive income from your services.

Bill Collection through HNGPL online Payment BBPS

BillAvenue connects to NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) and therefore has access to all the billers of the country. Joining BillAvenue thereby gives you access to biller companies and also enables you to fetch bills from the BBPS billers. The bill payment process is easy. An agent can simply display the customer's bill from the BBPS system and collect the money from the customer. On every bill payment collection done through the BBPS system, the agent gets to earn his commission. The BillAvenue platform is a complete solution for agent institutions who seek a reliable source of income.

Earn money and respect as a BBPS Collection Agent

After joining BillAvenue as a BBPS Collection Agent, you become a part of the Bharat Bill Payment System which is authorized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The BBPS system facilitates smooth transaction processing while bill payments are done. Compared to the earlier methods of bill payment, the current system is far efficient and less time consuming. It also minimizes the risks of errors and delays that would commonly occur during the bill payment process. Not only does the customer get satisfaction from quick payment but the biller is also happy with an increased cash flow due to shorter turnaround time of payment. Being part of such a seamless process puts you in an esteemed position and also rewards you with handsome amounts of income with every transaction of bill collection.

Customer gets Human Interface in addition to Convenience

When the agent presents a utility bill to the consumer from the BBPS system, it becomes convenient for the customer to quickly make the payment and get an acknowledgement. The personal interaction also adds in human interface to the process. A customer can get pay HNGPL gas bill online BBPS facility on his/her mobile phone or computer. Paying online is very seamless and secured. The customer also enjoys the comfort of recharging from anywhere in his locality. For payment, the customer has various options such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. BillAvenue also has a centralized Complaint and Settlement Dispute Management for resolution of customer complaints and grievances. After making the payment, the customer gets an SMS confirmation from the BBPS system, which assures successful transmission of funds.

An Opportunity for Revenue Growth

At BillAvenue, a BBPS Collection Agent finds the right channel for revenue generation. As millions of subscribers consume utility services on a regular basis, the agent gets a chance to serve a large number of these users by collaborating with the unified multiple biller BBPS platform of BillAvenue. Everyday when customers walk in for bill payments, an agent notices significant rise in earnings and serving multiple billers further enhances the scope of revenue.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Easy Integration with a Certified BBPOU
  • Single touch-point for customers
  • Access to attractive dashboard for quick account update
  • Standards driven bill payment process