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Banks and other non-banking entities who currently offer bill payment or aggregation business and have not received In-Principle approval from RBI to become a BBPOU are eligible to become an Agent Institution (AI). Agent Institutions can collect bill payments from nationwide customers for myriad bill categories via a network of agents or by setting up customer service points in various regions and locations.



Assurance of collaborating with BillAvenue, a stable and reliable entity that has been authorized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to operate as BBPOU.

Easy Integration

Easy and single integration with BillAvenue which has been certified by NPCI on bill payment channels.

One Point Access

Access to all billers of various categories under BBP via a single platform.

Touch Point

Become the single touch point for customers via various channels.

Customer Footfall

Opportunity for increased footfall generated on account of bill payments apart from the primary business.

Revenue Opportunities

Increased revenue opportunities due to increase in bill payment transactions of various categories.

Off-Us Transaction Earnings

Can get the pie of Off-us transactions even without integrating with the Billers and Aggregators and customers can pay for any biller in the BBP ecosystem.

Easier Complaint Redressal

Centralized Complaint and Settlement Dispute Management for easier resolution of customer complaints and grievances.



Provide the customer touch points for payment of bills issued by any biller in the BBPS ecosystem.


Facilitate customer registration, provide quality support to customers, help them in raising complaints and resolving these complaints with the Customer BBPOU.


Send the customer instant confirmation of bill payments in accordance with the standards of BBPS.


Make the customer aware about the actual realization, bill settlement cycle for unpaid bills and extra Customer Convenience Fee (C.C.F), if applicable. Such charges shall not exceed the maximum amount prescribed by the scheme.

Brand Visibility

BBPS logo or trademark should be prominently displayed at the collection points as per the guidelines laid down by BBPCU to identify the physical as BBPS enabled Service Point.


Submit the
'Agent-Institution Consent' to BillAvenue.
Download the Consent Form

Complete required documentation and on-boarding process with BillAvenue. Check the
Pre-requisites and other Documents

Adhere to BillAvenue technical standards & API specifications for smooth integration.
Check the Technical Standards

Develop your
front-end according to BBPS standards. Check the Front-end Standards

Get your channels like Internet, Mobile, Branch or Agents active under BBPS via BillAvenue.
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  • Get access to BBPS application module through BillAvenue only.
  • Submit a list of physical channels like agents, bank-branches or business correspondents to BillAvenue.
  • Ensure the availability of at least a minimum number of modes of payments at its outlets/ customer service points.

Note: Modes of payment under BBPS would also be configured as per Biller requirement. In addition to cash acceptance, the outlets will have to ensure an electronic mode of payment is put in place over a reasonable period of time, not exceeding one year from the commercial launch of BBPS.


  • Cannot have direct tie-up with billers
  • Cannot have bilateral arrangement with other Aggregators/service providers doing bill payments.


Agent Institution Agreement on Rs.600/- stamp paper with sign and stamp on all the pages including stamp paper on A4 Paper. Download Agreement

Pan Card of Company and Official valid documents of Signatories authorized to transact on its behalf. ( PAN Card/Passport/ Driving License/ UID )

Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association and Article of Association

Board Resolution on company letterhead with sign and stamp. Download Board Resolution Format

List of Directors

GST Certificate or any other Certificate accepted as business activity

Consent Letter on Company Letterhead with sign and stamp. Download Consent Letter Format


Zero Setup Fees. No Annual Maintenance Cost.

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telecom - Postpaid

Applicable for all modes of online & offline payments

Transaction between

0 - 1000

You Earn
5* per txn.
Transaction between

1001 - 2000

You Earn
15* per txn.
Transaction between


You Earn
25* per txn.
  • DTH
  • Online Transactions
  • You Earn 0.75%*per txn.
  • Offline Transactions
  • You Earn 1.25%*per txn.
* Above prices are exclusive of taxes
* Maximum amount of customer convenience fee chargeable to the customer is ₹ 25


99Paisa Services Pvt Ltd. Beam Money Pvt Ltd.
ESevaWorld Services Pvt Ltd. Hermes IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.
MIMO Technology Pvt Ltd. MindsArray Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Muthoot Fincorp Ltd. Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt Ltd.


Who is an Agent Institution? Who can be an Agent Institution?
Agent Institutions are entities who wish to offer or those who are currently in bill payment, collection and aggregation business, or who have not received in-principal approval from RBI. They are on-boarded in the BBP ecosystem by BillAvenue. Agent Institutions may further on-board agents and/or set up customer service points in various regions and locations.
How to become an Agent Institution with BillAvenue?
  • Step 1 Connect with BillAvenue
  • Step 2 Complete your documentation and on-boarding process with BillAvenue
  • Step 3 Activate your channels like Internet, Mobile, Branch or agents under BBP via BillAvenue
What are the key responsibilities of an Agent Institution?
  • Create customer touch points
  • Provide customers assistance with registration, Quickpay, complaint resolution, etc.
  • Offer instant payment confirmation to customers
  • Notify customers about realization of payments and extra charges for bills to be paid
  • Display BBP logo prominently at all collection points
What is the timeline for becoming an Agent Institution?
RBI has given a deadline of December 31, 2017 to all participants who wish to become an Agent Institution under BBP.
Can an Agent Institution have tie-ups with multiple BBPOUs?
No, an Agent Institution will get access to BBP application module only through one designated BBPOU.
What are the documents required for an Agent Institution to get on-board?

Below are the documentation requirements which need to be furnished with BillAvenue, as per<
BBP Procedural Guidelines:

  • Business address authorization letter and license to operate the business.
  • Compliance of KYC (Proof of registered/business address, active bank account details, PAN number).
  • Credibility check, credential verification and banker's opinion report.
  • ITR of last 2 years.
  • Financial statements for at least 2 years / other credit verification / Background check/ CIBIL verification of promoters and directors.
  • Should not be part of blacklist as and when introduced by BBPCU or any other competent authority.

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