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Power Development Department - Jammu & Kashmir

Power Development Department - Jammu & Kashmir

Bill Collection for Power Development Department - Jammu & Kashmir through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Join as a BillAvenue Collection Agent and make a high fortune in the form of service charges for collecting Power Development Department J&K bill payments. Built on the Bharat BillPay (BBP) infrastructure, BillAvenue is a seamless bill collection platform for agents who can serve as bill collectors for various utility service providers. Thousands of customers need a secured and convenient system for paying off bills for utility services such as Direct-To-Home, broadband, gas, electricity, water supply, mobile postpaid, and others. Aggregate Businesses can now initiate and enroll as BillAvenue BBPS Collection Agents for collecting bill payments from these customers and to earn an attractive commission for their services.

Be a Collection Agent for PDD bills and Earn Generous Income

Power Development Department (PDD) of Jammu & Kashmir handles the transmission and distribution of electric power in the state. The Jammu and Kashmir State comprises of three regions viz; Arctic cold desert areas of Ladakh, temperate Kashmir Valley and subtropical region of Jammu. The generation sector of PDD is looked after by J&K State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC). Jammu & Kashmir based power consumers have a common challenge of paying their bills on time through a secured medium. Through PDD Bill Payment BBPS these power consumers can make their PDD light bill payment either online or directly at your service center / shop. Small businesses or entrepreneurs who wish to start a small business in their town or region can easily apply for a BillAvenue Collection Agent's role and earn risk free income from bill collection through the BillAvenue BBPS system.

A PDD J&K Bill Payment BBPS Collection Agent Gets Guaranteed Benefits

Power Development Department supplies power to a wide network in Jammu & Kashmir. In association with BillAvenue's PDD BBPS system, agents can turn out lengthy bill payment processes into faster, secured and seamless ones. Thousands of power consumers can now pay all their utility bills under a single platform where you can collect bill payments and become automatically entitled to earnings.

Bill Collection through PDD bill BBPS Platform

BillAvenue is a Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU) authorized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to assist agents in collection of bill payments from utility service consumers. On this centralized platform, the agent can pull up bills from the BBPS biller and collect payment for these bills in return for commission. The payment collection process is simplified as the agent just needs to display the customer's bill from the BBPS system and collect the amount from the customers. For every bill collected through the BBPS system, the agent gets attractive fees. Not just that, the Collection Agent is already there in an ecosystem where he/she has lots of earning opportunities from utility billers that are available on the BBPS system.

Earn Value-for-Work and Money as a BBPS Collection Agent

When BillAvenue onboards you as a BBPS Collection Agent on its Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem, you become a part of a bill collection process which is formulated to improve bill payment efficiency and to reduce the chances of mistakes and delays that usually occur in a traditional way of making bill payment. BillAvenue BBPS system offers agent institutions an opportunity to expedite the biller's cash flow by receiving bill payments through faster and direct payment technologies that help to bring down the turnaround time for receiving payment. Being a BBPS Collection Agent, each effort applied by you towards contributing in the bill payment process, is reciprocated with respect and rewards in terms of money.

Customer Convenience Prioritized

A customer making bill payment via BillAvenue gets instant payment confirmation through SMS or email. Immediate acknowledgement of the payment assures to the customer that his/her funds have been successfully transmitted to the destined party. BillAvenue also provides a customer dispute and complaint management platform for easy resolution of customer grievances. Face-to-Face interaction with the bill collection agent also offers the customer a human interface with immediate query handling. For bill payment, the customer has multiple options including payment through internet enabled mobile phone and computer or by direct payment to business correspondents at their service centers. Besides this the customer has access to all the billers or Utility companies at a single touch point. For the customer, the experience of paying bills through our BBPS system is like being in a comfort zone.

An Agent's Potential Growth in terms of Revenue

For BBPS Collection Agents, collaborating with BillAvenue is good news, as every possible biller will be soon available on the BBPS system. More the number of utilities under one roof, higher will be the opportunities for bill collection and consequently will follow the increase in earnings. An agent institution or aggregate business wanting to function as a BBPOU for electricity bill payment online can see BillAvenue partnership as a real opportunity for revenue augmentation through bill payment collection from customers.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Hundreds of Utility Bill Collection Opportunities
  • Easy integration with a NPCI certified entity
  • Full agent fees without any deductions
  • Completely automated payment process