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Bhawani Rajesh Cable And Digitech Services Pvt. Ltd - Maharashtra

Accept Payments for Bhawani Rajesh Cable and Digitech on Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Collection Agents can now take in a reasonable share of service charges while collecting bill payments for Bhawani Rajesh Cable And Digitech Services. BillAvenue operates on a Bharat Bill Pay System and provides you with opportunities of bill collection for various utility services so that you can earn your commission. Bhawani Rajesh Cable customers now prefer making bill payments for multiple utility services like Direct-To-Home (DTH), broadband, mobile postpaid, gas, water, electricity, and others, through a single platform. As a BBPS Collection Agent of BillAvenue, you can accept payments from these customers and reap high income.

Earn a Handsome Deal of Service Charges while Collecting Bhawani Rajesh Cable Bill Payments

Bhawani Rajesh is one of the prominent cable TV distribution companies that focus on quality of service and content. Based in Maharashtra, Bhawani Rajesh currently telecasts more than 250 channels and has plans to further enhance this range. It deploys Fiber optic material across its network and ERICCSON head end / compression to provide high quality digital entertainment. Bhawani Rajesh subscribers receive high quality picture & stereophonic sounds. Services of Bhawani Rajesh Cable have become quite popular in Maharashtra. More and more people are now switching to Bhawani Rajesh Cable for their services. However, customers need to recharge their connection in time before due dates appear. Bhawani Rajesh Cable Payment BBPS is a faster alternative which helps millions of subscribers easily recharge their connection with your assistance. If you are an entrepreneur or an aggregate business owner, you can operate as a Collection Agent and generate extra income for yourself through BillAvenue BBPS System.

Respond to the demand for Cable TV services by becoming a Bhawani Rajesh Cable Recharge BBPS Agent and earn risk free income

By generating great customer experience, Bhawani Rajesh Cable continues to have a large number of subscribers. With Bharat Bill Payment System, connection recharging is now even more advanced and seamless than ever. On BillAvenue's hassle-free Bhawani Rajesh Cable BBPS platform, you can be a Collection Agent and generate high income while receiving bill payments from customers.

BillAvenue - A Bill Collection Platform for Bhawani Rajesh Cable TV BBPS

Built on Bharat BillPay (BBP) infrastructure, BillAvenue is a centralized bill payments platform where agents can connect with BBPS Billers, fetch bills and collect bill payments from customers who have subscribed to those Billers or utility service providers. Being a BillAvenue Bill Collection Agent, you can just display the customer's bill from the BBPS system and collect payments. With every recharge of Bhawani Rajesh Cable TV or bill payment of any service, an agent becomes eligible to receive attractive fees. For all the billers registered on BBPS, you can become a Collection Agent and be part of a seamless and secured bill payment process.

A BBPS Bill Collection Agent Enjoys Both Money and Value for work

When you onboard BillAvenue, you automatically become part of a Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) which is NPCI certified. Earlier, methods of bill payment through intermediaries were time consuming and imparted with possibilities of errors. Collection Agents now have a more dependable and standardized process at hand through which customers can make bill payments to them without any delaying. This secured BBPS platform is compatible with various modes of payment including Debit/Credit cards, Net Banking, etc. and reduces turnaround time of cash flow to the biller or service provider. Your contribution as a BBPS Collection Agent is not only recognized in terms of respect but also reciprocated with generous BBPS Collection Agent fees.

Optimized Customer Satisfaction

While serving as a BillAvenue Agent, you get to have a personal interaction with the customer for bill payments. Customers also have a facility for redressal of their complaints and disputes on the BBPS platform where they can directly pay for their Bhawani Rajesh Cable connection recharge. Besides having the convenience of recharging their connection from a mobile phone or computer, customers also enjoy a fully secured transaction environment. For many customers it is really comfortable to be able to walk down to the nearest Point-of-Service and communicate directly to the agent for bill payment. At the end of the bill payment process, the customer is at peace, as the successful transmission of funds is confirmed through the BBPS system on SMS.

Tremendous Revenue Opportunity for a BillAvenue Agent

BBPS Collection Agents have lots of opportunities coming their way as every major and minor biller of the country will be available on the BBPS system. On every customer's bill payment transaction made at your service center, you get your Agent's Fee and this further enhances your scope for revenue generation. Being a Collection Agent under BillAvenue, a certified BBPOU, can therefore help you explore a great deal of opportunity for income from bill payment collection services.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Assured Collaboration with a certified BBPOU
  • Full Agent Commission without any deduction
  • Access to Dashboard for status of account
  • Automated bill payment process