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BhorerAlo Cable & Broadband Pvt. Ltd. - West Bengal

Accept BhorerAlo Cable & Broadband Payments on Bharat Bill Payment System of BillAvenue

BillAvenue welcomes you onboard as a Collection Agent and authorizes you to collect bill payments for BhorerAlo Cable & Broadband services. You can now take home an attractive commission by collecting payments from thousands of customers who have subscribed to a utility services such as Direct-To-Home (DTH), broadband, gas, electricity, water supply, mobile postpaid, and more. Built on Bharat Bill Pay (BBP) infrastructure, BillAvenue facilitates all bill payments across India through a single platform.

Earn a Service Fee while you Collect BhorerAlo Cable & Broadband Bill Payments

BhorerAlo Cable & Broadband is a Multi System Operator (MSO) that provides digital cable TV and high-speed broadband services in Kolkata. The company's vision is to cater superior content through advanced technology. It aims to provide technological solutions to its customers including the corporates. Some of its services include IPTV, VOD and MOD. The entire network of BACBPL runs through Fiber Optical cable which helps to reduce data losses in sending the signal. Thousands of users are now switching to BhorerAlo Cable & Broadband services. However, making payment for service renewal of BACBPL and other utility services still remains a challenge. BillAvenue has therefore surfaced with a powerful solution of BhorerAlo Cable & Broadband BBPS. With this secured bill payment service, customers can easily pay their bills online or even show up at your point of service for instant payment. To become a Collection Agent it really doesn't matter if you are an aggregate business or a small entrepreneur. Through BillAvenue BBPS system, you get a fine opportunity to collect bill payments and add extra income to your list of benefits.

As a Collection Agent for BACBPL Bill Payment BBPS you are Assured of Earnings

BhorerAlo Cable & Broadband Pvt. Ltd. offers its services to West Bengal based customers. BACBPL bill pay BBPS is an online platform that enables faster and secured collection of Cable TV service payments from customers. A BillAvenue Collection agent therefore gets onboarded to serve customers and generate a reliable source of high income.

Bill Collection through BACBPL Payment BBPS Platform

Authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU), BillAvenue functions as a centralized platform that enables agent institutions to present bills of various BBPS billers to customers and collect the applicable payment from them. It assists banking and non-banking entities who cannot operate as BBPOU to become Agent Institutions (AI) and makes the bill payment process simpler so that every appointed agent makes a fortune in the form of agent fees on every bill collected through the BBPS system. You can collect bill payments for all billers registered on the BBPS system.

Win-win situation for a BBPS Collection Agent

A BBPS Collection Agent at BillAvenue, is now at double advantage as on one side he/she gets assurance about partnering with a BBPOU which is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and on the other side gets agent fees for services rendered. The payments made by utility consumers get credited at a much faster pace through online payment technology thereby reducing the turnaround time and the possibilities of mistakes that usually occur in old methods of bill payment. By working in collaboration with such a secured, seamless and standardized BBPS, your efforts as a BBPS Collection Agent are not only recognized but also rewarded with BBPS Collection Agent Fees.

A Customer Centric Unit

In the secured transaction environment provided by BBPS, the customer feels protected and comfortable while making bill payments. Moreover, the customer gets a personalized experience while he/she conveniently walks in at your Point-of-Service and directly interacts with you. Additionally, making instant payment through a mobile or computer expedites the process for the customer and makes it far effective than it used to be earlier. The payment process becomes even more dependable as the customer receives a quick payment acknowledgement receipt through SMS immediately after the payment is made.

Advanced Platform to Generate Revenue for BillAvenue Agents

Isn't it really amazing to know that almost every biller of the country will soon be available on the BBPS system? As more and more customers make their bill payments under the Bharat Bill Pay (BBP) ecosystem, your scope for additional income as a Collection Agent grows tremendously. You can also set up customer access points in different regions.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Standardized Automated Process for Collecting Bill Payments
  • Instant Credit of Funds in Account
  • Access to a user-friendly dashboard where account status is available
  • Agent gets to take the entire commission without any cuts by BillAvenue