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Bell Teleservices India Private Limited - Karnataka

Bell Teleservices India Private Limited - Karnataka

Accept Bell Teleservices Payments through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Enroll as a Collection Agent at BillAvenue and earn high income from your services. Bell Teleservices India Private Limited is now registered with the Bharat Bill Payment System and is also accessible to agents for collecting bill payments through BillAvenue's online platform. At BillAvenue, you get thousands of opportunities to connect with various billers and generate income by providing bill collection services to their customers. People who consume utility services such as broadband, Direct-To-Home (DTH), mobile postpaid, electricity, water, gas, etc. can now be offered these services form a single interoperable platform. A Bill Collection Agent assists these customers and gets to take home his share of service charge.

Draw high income regularly as a Bell Teleservices BBPS agent

Bell Teleservices India Private Limited is an underground Optic Fiber network provider based in Karnataka. The company owns both Infrastructure Provider and ISP License's from Department of Telecommunications to provide Network services for the Enterprise, Government, SME, and SOHO across all verticals. It has strong Network, IT Infrastructure, Application, CCTV Surveillance, and Traffic signal Operations. It Bell Teleservices offer high speed broadband between the range of 2 Mbps and 100 Mbps with 1 TB data transfer. It had started Fiber to the Home concept based on its own optic fiber network infrastructure. Bell Teleservices India Private Limited has enhanced its services in these circles and is therefore gaining attention of thousands of customers. As more and more users subscribe to their services, the demand for easy bill payment facility has grown largely. Through Bell Teleservices payment BBPS an agent can collect bill payments from these customers directly at his/her service center. Small scale entrepreneurs and aggregate businesses owners who seek to become bill collection agents can now collaborate with BillAvenue and earn extra income.

Assuring steady income to Agents through Bell Teleservices online payment BBPS

Bell Teleservices strives to offer the best of internet services to its customers. It is now registered with BBPS at BillAvenue and accepts bill payments for its services through BillAvenue agents. The Bell Teleservices bill payment BBPS system makes it very convenient for customers to either make online payments or pay through bill collection agents.

BillAvenue - A Bell Teleservices online payment BBPS platform

As a BillAvenue Collection Agent you can connect with multiple utility companies under one roof. An agent gets access to Bell Teleservices customer bill details for collecting payments. You can easily display the bill to the customer from the BBPS system and accept payments securely. On every bill payment, the agent earns a service fee. You can similarly work for many other billers and generate large amount of income.

Earn Attractive Agent's fee and respect for your work

Working with BillAvenue, an internet bill payment BBPS platform, makes you a part of a seamless bill payment process which is efficient and free from errors and delays that were earlier caused by intermediaries. The Bharat Bill Payment System is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) which has now simplified the bill payment process further. The new process is much faster and reduces the turnaround time of bill payments to the minimum. It also enhances cash flow to the biller and presents loads of opportunities to the bill collection agent in terms of earning money and self-esteem.

Customer makes a secure bill payment through Bell Teleservices bill payment online BBPS system

Interacting directly with the agent adds human interface to the entire bill payment process. A customer can conveniently walk up to the nearest service center or agent's location and pay his/her bills without any hassles. Agents are now based at various services centers; KIOSKS, ATMS, bank branches and other Points-of-Sale where with the customer can directly connect with them and address various bill related concerns. Furthermore there are multiple payment options available to the customer, such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. which makes the payment process instant. Alternatively the customer can also make his bill payment online through his/her internet enabled mobile phone by simply tapping a few keys. After making the payment, the BBPS system sends a confirmation SMS or email to the customer assuring successful transmission of funds. BillAvenue is also a centralized platform for customer complaint redressal and dispute management.

Generate Revenue

As most of the billers will be available on the BBPS system, a BillAvenue Collection Agent has tremendous opportunities for earning regular income through bill payment collection. Customers will simply want to walk into your BBPS Agent Customer Service Point and pay all their bills at this single touch-point. BillAvenue offers a BBP (Bharat Bill Pay) ecosystem which is just the right place for you to avail the chance of earning extra income.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Easy Integration with Certified BBPOU
  • Attractive dashboard for account status update
  • Full commission without any deductions
  • One-point access to multiple billers