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Unique Central Piped Gases Pvt. Ltd (UCPGPL)

Unique Central Piped Gas Bill Payment collection through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Become an agent for multiple billers on a single online platform from where you can not only access a wide range of utility companies but also collect bill payments from their customers and earn your service charge. Thousands of customers can now make their bill payments through unified bill payment platforms. BillAvenue connects a customer with utility service providers offering services such as Direct-To-home, broadband, gas, electricity, water supply, mobile postpaid, etc. through authorized BBPS agents and makes it possible to pay all bills under one roof. An agent can now serve thousands of customers and earn his income from regular bill payment collection.

Accept monthly bill payments through UCPGPL gas connection in Pune BBPS

Unique Piped GAS was founded with the aim to provide energy through quality and safety. Based in Pune, UCPGPL specializes in LPG, O2, N2, Air pipeline jobs, Turnkey mechanical & Erection jobs, Natural gas Projects, Reticulated projects etc. It is also a supplier of Bharat Petroleum products and equipped with engineering and transportation solution. Natraj Gas is a sister company of UCPGPL and is an authorized BPCL gas distributor. It is responsible for the uninterrupted supply of LPG gas to residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Other services provided by UCPGPL include Multi Cylinder installation, Pipeline Installation, LPG Tank (Bulk) Installation, Designing Kitchen Layout, supplying complete range of Kitchen Equipment's, LPG Reticulated System (Pipe Gas to the kitchen) Petroleum Class A, B, C, installation as per customers need. Gas bill payments become quite challenging at times. Many customers want to pay their bills for various utilities at a single point of contact. This can be possible only through an online platform that supports bill payment collection for billers registered Bharat Bill Payment System. At BillAvenue, thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs register themselves as Agent institutions and offer bill payment collection services. You can now become an authorized Unique Piped Gas BBPS agent and earn attractive commission on bill collections.

Earn guaranteed income as a Unique Piped Gas Pune BBPS agent

UCPGPL aims to provide reliable and efficient gas supply to its customers. Users who have a UCPGPL gas connection need to pay monthly usage bills. Payment of these bills becomes very fast and secure with solutions offered by BillAvenue. Its agents are now available for utility bill payment collection in across multiple service centers. You can now become a Pune Piped Gas Co BBPS agent by joining BillAvenue and start earning a high income through bill payment collection.

Bill payment collection through Unique Central Piped Gas bill payment BBPS platform

An agent's task is further simplified through BillAvenue's BBPS bill payment collection platform. Here an agent gets access to multiple utility service providers and the bills of their customers. The BBPS agent can display the customer's bill from the BBPS system and collect the amount from the customer. On every bill payment collection, the agent becomes eligible to draw an attractive service fee. From the range of billers, an agent can select billers and provide his services to earn regular income.

Achieve Self-esteem and earn a high income as a Unique Piped Gas bill payment BBPS agent

Bharat Bill Payment System is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to function as an integrated bill payment system. You become a part of this system when you enroll at BillAvenue as a Collection Agent. The online bill payment process is now more efficient and free of errors and delays that would usually occur. Old methods of bill payments are replaced with instant-pay technology that reduces the turnaround time of transactions and increases cash flow to the biller. Your contribution as a BBPS Collection Agent in this process is highly valued and you are also rewarded with generous BBPS Collection Agent Fees.

Customer Convenience on Priority

A Bill Collection Agent plays an important role in addressing the customer's concern for bill payment. A personal interaction with the customer adds human interface to the whole process and when an agent presents the utility bill for payment through the BBPS system in a full secured environment, the customer enjoys the comfort of paying his/her bills on time. It becomes very convenient for the customers to walk up to the nearest service center and meet an authorized agent for bill payment. Alternatively the customer can also pay his bills online by simply dialing a few keys on his internet enabled mobile phone or computer. He also gets a wide range of payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. After making the payment, the BBPS system sends out a confirmation SMS or email to the customer acknowledging the successful transfer of funds.

Grow your Revenue

Get the opportunity to connect with every biller registered on the BBPS system. Each biller has thousands of customers which opens doors to plenty of opportunities for earning income through bill payment collection. As more and more customers walk into your service center for bill payment, you can serve them all and gather extra income regularly.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Full credit of commission without any cuts
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for account updates
  • Single touch-point for customers
  • Seamless integration with BillAvenue