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Tripura Electricity Corp Ltd

Accept Bill Payments for Tripura Electricity through Bharat Bill Payment System with Bill Avenue

Join BillAvenue as a Bill Collection Agent and collect Tripura Electricity payments to draw attractive income. BillAvenue makes it possible for customers across the country to make bill payments for utility services through a single and interoperable bill payment platform. A BBPS agent can now have access to bill collection services for multiple billers who provide various utility services such as Direct-To-Home, broadband, electricity, water, gas, mobile postpaid, etc. Enrolling as a BillAvenue BBPS Collection Agent can therefore empower you to serve thousands of customers with bill collection services for which you get rewarded with agent fees.

A Tripura Electricity BBPS Agent collects Bill Payments and Earns Commission

The Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL) was formed in 2005 for generation, transmission and distribution of Power in Tripura. Tripura is a land locked state in the Northeast India and shares borders with Assam and Mizoram and internationally with Bangladesh. Tripura is divided into four administrative districts namely North Tripura, West Tripura, South Tripura and Dhalai. The state is spread in an area of 10,490 square kilometers and is considered as the second smallest state in India. Tripura has an economy which is supported by agriculture and allied activities that contribute towards the employment of about 64% of the population. A large number of people based in Tripura consume TSECL services on a regular basis. However, making bill payments on time through a secured channel has always been a concern for these power consumers. BillAvenue, a TSECL bill payment BBPS platform therefore provides an apt solution for bill payment related problems. Making a bill payment will no longer be a challenge as thousands of customers can pay bills for multiple utilities through the unified platform of BillAvenue. For a BillAvenue agent, providing assistance to these customers becomes simple as they can collect bill payments from each customer who walks in at their service center / store. Aggregate entities who are into bill payment businesses can collaborate with BillAvenue and become Bill Collection Agents who can provide their services and earn regular income.

A TSECL Bill Payment Agent Secures Extra Income by Offering Services

TSECL generates power through three of its stations viz. Gomuti Hydro-electric Project, Baramura Gas Thermal Power Station and Rokia Gas Thermal Power Station. Customers, who consume TSECL power services, now have easy and convenient ways to make their bill payments. Tripura electricity bill payment is now more reliable and secured through the Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem offered by BillAvenue. Through a panel of Collection Agents, BillAvenue provides bill collection services and remunerates the agents with service charges.

Bill Collection through Tripura Electricity Online Bill Payment BBPS

BillAvenue enables Agent Institutions to collect bill payments from customers based across the country through a network of agents or by setting up their customer service points in various regions. The agent can simply fetch the bills from the biller company and display it on the BBPS system to the customer. After this the customer makes a bill payment transaction and the agent becomes entitled to earn his fee for the services offered. On every bill payment collected from the BBPS system, the agent earns commission. The BBPS system accommodates multiple billers and provides a strong ecosystem in which the agent can collect bill payments securely and expect merited rewards in return.

An Agent Earns Income and Respect Together

BillAvenue is an authorized Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU). Enrolling as an agent with this entity will make you part of a secured bill payment process which is efficient and reliable. An agent can now serve an entire multitude of customers through a secured transaction environment which is supported by direct payment technology. The new methods are far more convenient and comfortably designed to suit the needs of the customer as well as the biller. Earlier the payment would reach the biller after a long time whereas now with fast payment, the turnaround time of cash flow is reduced. Chances of errors and delays caused by intermediaries are also minimized. While acting as a link between the customer and the biller company, an agent plays a significant role for which he/she gets handsomely remunerated and also honored for the contributions made towards the process.

Customer's Convenience Guaranteed

BillAvenue is a centralized platform for consumer complaint redressal and dispute management. As an authorized Customer Operating Unit (COU), BillAvenue on-boards Agent Institutions to offer maximum customer touch-points for bill payments. When the agent presents a utility bill through the BBPS system, a customer enjoys a secured environment for making bill payments. TSECL online payment BBPS enables a customer to transact through an internet enabled mobile phone or computer and clear bill dues instantly. A customer can also walk up to the nearest agent location and make a bill payment through any of the available options such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. BillAvenue also confirms successful transmission of funds through an SMS or email to the customer.

Revenue Opportunities for a BBPS Collection Agent

A BillAvenue Agent is faced with multiple opportunities in terms of revenue generation. As the number of utility service providers is increasing, the Collection Agent gets additional number of customers to provide services. Ultimately it is good news for the agent as larger the number of customers, bigger will be the scope for earning on bill collections. Becoming a part of the BBPS system is therefore a promising deal for the agent.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Hundreds of Utility Companies are available under a unified platform
  • Instant credit of funds through a completely automated process
  • Access to Account dashboard for quick updates
  • Full Commission without any cuts