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Tripura Natural Gas

Collect Tripura Natural Gas Payments through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Earn regular income from bill payment collection for Tripura Natural Gas by integrating with BillAvenue as a Collection Agent. BillAvenue provides you access to collect bill payments for multiple utility companies listed on the Bharat Bill Payment System. Millions of customers avail services offered by these companies regularly. These include Direct-To-Home, broadband, mobile postpaid, gas, electricity, water supply, etc. A BillAvenue Collection Agent can collect payments from these utility consumers on an ongoing basis and secure a no-risk income on every collection done.

Accept Tripura Natural Gas Payments through TNGCL online payment BBPS and earn Commission

Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited is a Tripura based company that provides natural gas distribution services. It was registered under the company Act, 1956 with ROC, Shillong as a Limited company. The main activities of TNGCL include supply of piped natural gas to the domestic, commercial and industrial consumers in and around Agartala. The company has been involved in introducing and implementing CNG as a safe, economical alternative to gasoline / LPG/ and other conventional fuel in the transport sector. Millions of residential and commercial users based in Agartala, consume the services of TNGCL. However, monthly gas bill payments are a major challenge for most of the gas consumers. How to get the bill on time and where to pay it? Besides such questions, the consumers are also faced with the challenge of paying their bills for other utility services such as electricity, mobile, etc. BillAvenue features TNGCL online bill payment BBPS system that offers a quick online bill payment solution to these customers. Gas consumers as well as other utility users can also connect with Bill Collection Agents at their service centers and pay off their dues very easily. Becoming a BillAvenue Collection Agent is simple. Any entrepreneur or aggregate business that wants to get into bill collection business can integrate with BillAvenue as an Agent Institution and start collecting bill payments from various service consumers. For this they can earn handsome amounts of income regularly.

Working as a Tripura Natural Gas BBPS Agent will assure Steady income from Bill Collections

TNGCL aims to bring down the rising pollution which is caused due to vehicular emission and make the environment safe, healthy and free from pollution. TNGCL customers are now introduced with the most favorable solution designed to make bill payments for all utilities simpler and fast. TNGCL bill online payment BBPS is an instant and reliable system for paying monthly gas bills online. A BillAvenue Agent can provide a great deal of assistance to the customer by collecting bill payments for which he gets rewarded with service fees.

Bill Collection through Tripura Natural Gas bill payment BBPS Platform

After joining BillAvenue, the Collection Agent is provided with access to multiple biller companies or utility service providers that are listed on the BBPS system. The agent can easily fetch bills from the BBPS billers and present it to the customers. He just needs to display the bill to the customer from the BBPS system and ask for payment. The customer then makes the payment and the process gets completed. It's an incredibly simple process in which the agent's role is to connect the customer with the biller for which he gets to earn extra income.

Win-Win situation for the BBPS Collection Agent

BillAvenue is authorized by RBI to function as a Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU) and on-boards Agent Institutions to offer maximum customer touch points for bill payments. The Collection Agent who has collaborated with BillAvenue becomes part of standardized bill payment system which is more secured, faster and reliable than bill payments used to be earlier. The possibilities of errors and delays caused by intermediaries are now minimized. The new and improved direct payment technology reduces the turnaround time of payment and increases cash flow to the biller. As a result both the parties are satisfied and assured of successful payment. The BBPS Collection Agent who is an active participant in the process, gains popularity due to his contributions and also gets to take away his earnings as commission.

Customer Satisfaction on Priority

A customer enjoys a seamless experience while paying his bills through the Pay TNGCL Payment BBPS system. Interacting directly with the collection agent gives the customer, a reliable human interface for bill payment as well as query handling. At any time during working hours, the customer can simply walk in at the nearest agent's contact point and pay his/her bills without any hassles. Alternatively the customer has the Tripura Gas online bill BBPS system which enables him to make the bill payment through an internet enabled mobile phone or computer. Furthermore the customer has multiple payment options like cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. for quick payment. After the payment is made the customer also receives an SMS or email which confirms the successful transmission of funds to the destined party. BillAvenue also has a customer complaint management system for addressing grievances and disputes.

Scope for Revenue Growth

Very soon every major and minor biller of the country will be available on the BBPS system. For a BillAvenue Agent this is good news, as having access to more and more billers will expand the scope of service. Due to large number of customers turning up at the Collection Agent's service center, the count of bill collections goes up and the agent gets to earn revenue on every transaction. The Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem is therefore a land of opportunities for the Bill Collection Agent.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Simple and Guided Enrollment process
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for quick account updates
  • The agent gets his full Commission without any sharing with another party
  • One-point access to all billers