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Tata Power Bill Payment Collection through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Join BillAvenue as a Collection Agent and accept Tata Power bill payments through the Bharat Bill Payment System. Integration with us will give you access to bill collection for a wide range of biller companies who provide utility services to consumers. Millions of these are regular consumers of various utilities such as Direct-To-Home, broadband, mobile postpaid, gas, water, electricity, and more. Becoming a BillAvenue agent will not only offer the experience of working in collaboration with a NPCI certified entity but also help you earn generous income from bill collections for services offered.

Collect Tata Power Electricity Bill Payments and earn your Fee

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) is a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of NCT of Delhi with the majority stake being held by Tata Power Company. The company starting functioning since 2002 and provides electricity distribution services to the North and North-West parts of Delhi. The company operates across an area of 510 sq. km and serves 6 million people. It is the only Indian utility to have SA8000 certification. So far, Tata Power has been constantly implementing high-tech automated systems for its entire distribution network. The company has been documented as the first in the country to initiate an Automated Metering Infrastructure based Auto Demand Response programme to help manage grid stress and peak demand. Tata Power services are consumed on a large scale and there are millions of customers who want to have their Tata Power bills as well as other utility bills paid through a secure medium. When you sign up as a Collection Agent at BillAvenue, you get a direct opportunity to serve all these customers with your bill collection services through Tata power electricity bill payment BBPS. Doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you can assist power consumers from your service center/store which is based in your town or small region. For providing these services, you become entitled to receive an attractive commission.

Become a Tata Power Delhi BBPS Agent and Start Earning Attractive Income

One of the primary missions of TPDDL is to innovate and deliver world class services to consumers and also create benchmarks to become a global utility leader with energy efficient services and clean energy solutions. Tata Power consumers are spread across a wide range of network and each consumer needs a hassle-free solution to make TPDDL bill payments instantly. You can join BillAvenue as a BBPS Collection Agent and simply offer these customers bill collection services through Tata Power bill payment Delhi BBPS. On every Tata Power bill collection you receive a highly attractive service charge.

Bill Collection through Tata Power Delhi Bill Payment Platform

Multiple utility companies are now registered with Bharat Bill Payment System which supports bill payments for each of these billers through BillAvenue. A Bill Collection Agent can easily fetch bills from BBPS billers and collect money for those bills from the customer. The process of bill payment is simple. The agent needs to display the bill from the BBPS system to the customer who then makes the bill payment. On every bill payment collection made through the BBPS system, you get to earn your share of income as a service fee. All billers who are available on the BBPS system can be accessed for bill collection by the agent.

Generate Income and gain Respect as a TPDDL Bill Pay BBPS Collection Agent

When you join BillAvenue as a Collection Agent, you become a part of its Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem which is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). As an agent, you can now contribute towards convenient and secured forms of bill payment which are far more efficient as compared to the old methods. Earlier there were lot of intermediaries involved in the bill payment process and this gave rise to possibilities of errors and delay. The present day customer can simply dial a few keys on the mobile phone and make instant payment for his/her bills. The new and improved payment technology is responsible for quick transmission of funds to the destined party or the biller who is happy to see the altered cash flow. Being a vital part of such a significant bill process, you are bound to gain self-esteem in addition to generous Collection Agent fees.

Customer gets to Make Electricity Bill Payments Comfortably

A customer can now easily track the nearest BBPS Agent Customer Service Point and walk up to the contact center to directly interact with the Collection Agent. The customer touch-point can be anywhere - at KIOSKs, ATMs, Bank branches or other Points-of-sale. Having a direct communication with the agent helps the customer in placing queries or even share feedbacks. The Collection Agent presents utility bills from the BBPS system and the customer makes a payment. That's how incredibly simple the process is. The customer also gets to make payments through various modes such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. Alternatively the customer can choose to make TPDDL online bill payment through his/her mobile phone or computer. After making the payment, the customer gets an SMS alert showing successful transmission of funds to the biller. BillAvenue also offers a centralized system for customer complaint redressal and dispute management.

Wider Scope for Revenue Growth

Once you've joined as a BBPS Collection Agent, your scope for generating extra income is augmented. The Bharat Bill Payment System comprises of all utility billers who are offering services to millions of customers. More the number of customers, greater are the opportunities knocking at your door. On every bill collection you generate additional revenue for yourself. Join BillAvenue's BBPS system today and start collecting bill payments for making optimum income.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Completely Automated Billing Payment System
  • Instant Credit of full Agent's Commission without any cuts
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard operation for quick account update
  • Single Integration with BillAvenue, a NPCI certified entity