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Siti Energy - Uttar Pradesh

Siti Energy Payment Collection through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

To accept and process bill payments across India through a unified bill payment platform, BillAvenue invites you aboard into its Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem where you can enroll as a Bill Collection Agent and gather bill payments for Siti Energy and earn your income. You can also become an agent for other utility services such as electricity, water supply, Direct-To-Home, broadband, mobile postpaid, etc. Customers who consume these services on daily basis require a common platform for their making bill payments. As a Bill Collection Agent you can assist these customers through BBPS bill collection and generate high income for yourself.

Collect Bills through Siti Energy Uttar Pradesh BBPS and earn Attractive Commission

Siti Energy Limited (SEL) was incorporated for distribution of gas services such as City Gas Distribution (CGDN), Natural Gas Pipeline, Power projects in India. The company is promoted by Essel Group which has national and global business interests in media and newspaper publishing, content broadcasting, film exhibition, infrastructure development, theme parks, lamitube manufacturing, etc. SEL is currently focused on the development of its CGDN project in western U.P. It has also planned to expand in other cities and to enter Power Generation of different capacities. Uttar Pradesh residents can now avail Piped Natural Gas (PNG) service provided by Siti Energy. However, thousands of gas consumers have to face challenges regarding gas bill payments. To deal with these problems BillAvenue provides a Siti Energy gas bill payment online BBPS platform through which customers can make their bill payments very instantly. A Bill Collection Agent can also help them out with bill payments by collecting bills from his/her service center. Entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to provide bill payment services can easily integrate with BillAvenue BBPS system and serve these customers for which they get paid with service fees in return.

Becoming an Online Gas Bill Payment UP BBPS Agent will lead to Guaranteed Income

SEL is focused on generation, accumulation, transmission, distribution, purchase and sale and supply of any source of energy. These can be from conventional sources such as natural gas, diesel, thermal, hydro, nuclear or from non-conventional sources like tide, wind, solar, and geothermal. It plans to expand its existing gas supply to industrial and domestic sectors and in other major Indian cities. A gas consumer using Siti Energy services will now prefer the faster bill payment options through online Siti Gas bill payment BBPS. To provide a hassle-free bill payment solution to these customers, you can associate with BillAvenue as an agent and earn extra income from bill collection.

Bill Collection through Siti Gas bill payment BBPS

Through BillAvenue an agent gets access to multiple billers from whom he can fetch bill details and present to customers for payment collection. A BillAvenue Bill Collection Agent gets to simply display the bill from the BBPS system to the customer. Once the bill is displayed the customer makes the payment and that's how an agent gets to earn commission. On every bill payment collected through the BBPS system, the agent becomes entitled to receive his/her fee. An agent is therefore at advantage of offering services to multiple billers who are listed on the BBPS system.

A BBPS Collection Agent gets Valued and Rewarded with Service Fees

BillAvenue is an advanced platform supporting all bill payments. Collaborating as an agent with such a certified entity makes you part of a seamless bill payment process which is efficient and reliable both for the biller as well as the customer. The possibilities of errors and delays are now minimized due to secured and instant payment technology that reduces the turnaround time of payment. As a result the biller is also satisfied with the process due to the increase in cash flow. A Collection Agent who serves the customers with his bill payment collection services gets appreciated for his job and also gets attractive income in return.

Customer Management

Pay Siti Energy bill online BBPS system enables a bill payer to enjoy maximum convenience. With online payment systems available at hand, the customer does not have to stand in long queues for bill payment. A user can simply dial a few keys on an internet enabled mobile phone / computer and pay an SEL bill. Another way is to just find the nearest agent location and walk up to the KIOS, ATM or bank branch and directly communicate with the Collection Agent. In fact a direct interaction adds human interface to the process. BillAvenue is authorized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to facilitate payment of bills through online as well as offine channels through the BBPS system which provides customers with access to all billers at a single touch-point. A customer can choose any mode of payment from the available options i.e. cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. and make a quick bill payment. The BBPS system then confirms the successful transmission of funds to the customer through SMS or email.

Augmented Scope for Revenue

Serving a large number of customers with bill collection services will fetch extra income to the Collection Agent. As all the billers are available under the BBPS system, becoming a Collection Agent is a tremendous opportunity. As more and more customers visit the agent's Bill Collection service center, the count of bill collections goes up and with every collection, the agent gets to increase his /her scope of revenue generation.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Easy-to-use Dashboard for quick account status update
  • Single touch-point for customers through various channels
  • Full commission without any deduction
  • Standards driven bill payment system