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Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited (MGVCL)

Collect Madhya Gujarat Vij Payments through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Become a Bill Collection Agent and earn no risk income. BillAvenue welcomes you on its unified platform and offers you to collaborate as a Collection Agent and serve Madhya Gujarat Vij customers through bill collection services. Under BillAvenue there is a wide range of utility companies that offer services to customers across the country. Millions of customers using Direct-To-Home, broadband, mobile postpaid, gast, water, electricity and other services are now looking out for a convenient solution that fixes their bill payment issues. As a BBPS agent you can help these customers pay their bills and earn a fair deal of commission in return.

Earn Income every month from bill payment Collections done through MGVCL BBPS system

Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited was incorporated in 2003 by Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) to operate with the functional responsibilities of generation, transmission, distribution and trading of electricity. The company was one of the several formations aimed towards restructuring of the power sector in the state of Gujarat in India. It is involved in electricity sub-transmission distribution and retail supply in the state of Gujarat or outside the state. MGVCL establishes and uses a power system network and trades electrical energy. It also has an ethical and social responsibility to support communities. The company is committed to attain sustainable economic and infrastructure development with an interconnected vision of people's welfare, social growth and environmental conservation. At present MGVCL distributes electricity in 7 districts namely Mahisagar, Kheda, Panch Mahal, Dahod, Anand, Vadodara, and Chhota Udepur. It serves 48 talukas and 4,404 villages. The total area serviced is approximately 23,854 kilometers and population served is around 13.06 million people. The number of consumers registered under MGVCL is 27.68 lacs. The company is responsible for affordable and reliable power distribution to residential areas, streetlights, commercial complexes, agriculture, traction as well as industries. Customers based in these districts have to face a common challenge of making light bill payments every month. Paying monthly bills for various utilities is a difficult task for most of the consumers and therefore MGVCL online bill payment BBPS was introduced to assist these customers. Thousands of power MGVCL consumers can easily pay their bills either online or simply walk up to the agent's service center. As a BBPS Collection Agent you can now offer your services to these customers and take home your deserved service fee.

Bill Collection through Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited Bill Payment BBPS will fetch Income

Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited is committed to distribute and maintain electric power, and satisfy all its consumers through excellence through a safe distribution network. MGVCL customers can easily make power bill payment through online and offline methods. The MGVCL online payment BBPS system at BillAvenue offers a secure environment for instant online light bill payment. BillAvenue also appoints Collection Agents that provide hassle-free bill collection service to these customers and earn their service charge in return.

Bill Payment Collection through MGVCL payment BBPS

Bill Collection is a simplified process when transacted through the BBPS system. A BillAvenue Agent gets connected seamlessly to all the billers that are available on the BBPS system. The online platform assists agents to fetch bills from the biller company and display it to the customer from the BBPS system after which the customer makes direct payment to the Bill Collection Agent. On every bill collection done from the BBPS system, the agent becomes entitled to receive a high income as commission. A BBPS agent can thereby serve a large number of utility consumers and take home his fee.

An MGVCL Bill Pay BBPS Collection Agent Gains Value for Work

Collaboration with BillAvenue assures association with a reliable entity that has been authorized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to operate as a Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU). The bill payment becomes more stable and efficient through a secured channel such as BillAvenue. An agent becomes a part of an assured system that eliminates the possibilities of errors and delays. Earlier the payment would reach the biller after a long duration. However, with the new and improved technology the turnaround time is reduced and cash flow to the biller is thereby increased. A BBPS Collection Agent's job is seen as highly valuable due to it being a part of a standardized process and therefore rewarded with merited income.

Customer gets a Human Interface

The MGVCL payment BBPS system at BillAvenue is basically a customer friendly interface. The agent can comfortably locate the nearest agent's point-of-sale where he/she can make the bill payment. When the customer walks in to an agent's service center, there is direct interaction which adds more confidence in the customer's mind. He/She can also share their feedback and provide valuable inputs to the agent which can be further conveyed to the biller company. BillAvenue is also a centralized platform for addressing customer complaints and disputes. Besides easy bijli bill payment through internet enabled mobile phones and computers, the customer also has the choice to use any of the convenient payment options such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. For assurance of successful transmission of funds, the BBPS system sends an SMS or email confirmation to the customer immediately after the payment is made.

Revenue Growth for an Agent

A BillAvenue Agent gets to associate with multiple utility companies based across the country. Each biller has millions of customers and this is an excellent opportunity for a Collection Agent to grow in terms of experience and revenue. As more and more customers come to the agent for bill payment, the count of collection increases and so does the income. BBPS is therefore a place of opportunities for Agent institutions.

Increased Customer Footfall

  • Increased Customer Footfall.
  • One-Point Access to Multiple Billers.
  • Dashboard operation to view account status.
  • Full Commission without any deductions.