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Jamshedpur Utilities

Be a Collection Agent for Jamshedpur Utilities through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Join as a Collection Agent of BillAvenue and collect Jamshedpur Utilities bill payments to earn attractive income. The Bharat Bill Payment System at BillAvenue comprises of all the utility service providers for which you can become a BBPS agent and make money through collection of bill payments. Thousands of customers need to pay bills for utility services including electricity, mobile broadband, gas, water supply, Direct-To-Home (DTH). By becoming a BBPS Collection Agent you can serve these customers and generate ample revenue as service fees.

Every month Collect Jamshedpur Utilities Bill Payments and Earn Attractive Income

Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO) is an India based urban infrastructure service provider. Set up as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Steel, JUSCO provides water and sanitation services in Jamshedpur. The areas of businesses that are undertaken by the company mainly include Engineering procurement and construction which consists of Planning, development and maintenance of township infrastructure, Power services division which has Operation and maintenance of power infrastructure and distribution of power, and Integrated Township Management whereby it provides civic and municipal services in an integrated manner in a full-fledged municipal area. In Jamshedpur, thousands of people consume power services provided by JUSCO. However, these customers seek an effective solution to solve their monthly bill payment issues. Through BillAvenue's Jamshedpur Utilities BBPS, JUSCO customers can simply walk up to your shop/service center and make their bill payment in a very short duration. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner seeking to operate a small business in your own town or region, collaborating with BillAvenue can help you grow tremendously in terms of customer service as well as agent commission.

Operating as a JUSCO Bill Payment BBPS Agent will Provide Guaranteed Income

Tata Group companies have an objective to develop new and relevant products and services through research, development and deployment of the latest technologies. JUSCO power consumers can now pay their electricity bills through BillAvenue's JUSCO Utility Bill BBPS system that is an organized bill payment platform where multiple utility bill payments can be made instantly. You can become a BillAvenue Collection Agent and earn high commission from bill payment collections.

JUSCO Jamshedpur BBPS Platform - Bill Collection

On BillAvenue's centralized bill payment platform, you get to fetch bills from the BBPS billers and collect various utility bill payments including electricity bill payments from consumers and take away your share of commission. The process of bill collection is simple. The BBPS agent displays the customer's bill on the BBPS system and collects the money from the customer. On every bill payment collection done from the BBPS system, the agent gets to earn a reasonable amount of service fee. You can offer your bill collection services to all the billers available on the BBPS system and make a fortune.

Earn Money and Respect as a BBPS Collection Agent

Enrolling at BillAvenue as a BBPS Collection Agent makes you a part of the Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem which is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Earlier bill payments were done in a very tedious manner and there was always room for mistakes and delays caused by intermediaries. The newly developed pay system is instant and far more effective. The turnaround time of cash flow to the biller is reduced to a considerable extent with the quick-pay technology. This makes the process very smooth and feasible which in return places you in a prominent role where you earn not only respect but also regular and steady income.

Customer Treated on Priority

While dealing with a BillAvenue Agent, the customer gets a human interface and this makes the bill payment process more interactive. The customer also gets a fully secured transaction environment in which he/she enjoys the comfort of making bill payments instantly. When the customer walks in directly to your BillAvenue Agent Service Point, you can attend to the customer queries in a very short time. The customer also gets a sense of satisfaction when the bill payment goes directly to the destined party and the transmission of funds is confirmed with SMS acknowledgement through the BBPS system. Customer complaint and dispute redressal management is also a part of the BBPS system.

Increased Opportunity for Revenue Generation

For a BBPS Collection Agent it is good news that almost every major and minor biller of the country is available on the BBPS system. Serving more and more billers means lot of customers will be walking in at your BBPS Agent Customer Service Point to pay their bills. The Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem offers a great deal of opportunities to Collection Agents in terms of revenue.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Multiple Utility Services under one roof
  • Transfer of Agent's commission without any cut.
  • Completely automated process
  • Account Status and Updates accessible through Dashboard