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Indraprastha Gas (Payment Only) - Delhi

Indraprastha Gas Payment Collection through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Collect Indraprastha Gas payments through the Bharat Bill Payment System at BillAvenue and earn attractive income. BillAvenue facilitates interoperability among participants in the Bharat BillPay network. This is how you get to connect with multiple billers and serve millions of customers from a single platform. People using utility services such as Direct-To-Home, broadband, mobile postpaid, gas, water supply, electricity, etc. can now make their bill payments through a BBPS Collection Agent. An agent collects the bill payment for the customer and in return earns a service charge on every transaction.

Join as an IGL online bill payment BBPS agent and earn Regular Income

Indraprastha Gas Limited or IGL was incorporated in the year 1998 to lay the network for the distribution of natural gas in the National Capital Territory of Delhi to consumers in the domestic, transport and commercial sectors. It is now one of the leading natural gas distribution companies. The company had started as a joint venture between GAIL, Bharat Petroleum and Govt of NCT of Delhi. As of December 2017, the company supplied piped natural gas to more than 9,00,000 homes, over 3500 of commercial and more than 1600 industrial establishments in the NCR. IGL also operates 425 CNG filling stations for natural gas vehicles. Its transport sector uses natural gas as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), the domestic and commercial sectors use it as Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and R-LNG which is supplied to industrial establishments. IGL consumers are growing in large numbers due to the increasing demand for piped and other forms of conveniently usable gas. However, making gas bill payments every month is a challenging task for many of these consumers. How to get the bill in time and where to pay it? Consumers also have other utility bills to clear for which they need a single platform from where they can pay all their bills together. Now with the Indraprastha Gas Limited Online Bill Payment BBPS service available at hand, customers can instantly pay their bills. They can even walk up to your service center/store and make direct payment for their bills. As a Bill Collection Agent, BillAvenue offers you the chance to serve thousands of such customers with your bill collection skills and earn impressive income in return.

Becoming an Indraprastha Gas BBPS agent will fetch Guaranteed Income

IGL works constantly to expand its infrastructure in order to meet the increasing demand of CNG which is caused by the growing number of CNG vehicles in Delhi. IGL has also planned to expand its PNG business activities in Delhi and in towns like Greater Noida, Noida and Ghaziabad. An appropriate bill payment channel that offers online and offline bill payment services can help IGL customers pay their bills on time without the least of hassles. The IGL online payment BBPS makes it possible for the customer to make online gas bill payment instantly. Besides this, the customer can pay bills through a BBPS Collection Agent who collects payments and gets fair amount of commission for his services.

Bill Collection through IGL Bill Payment BBPS platform

BillAvenue offers a reliable and secure way to accept and process all bill payments across the country. It onboards Collection Agents into its BBPS system and provides access to billers for bill collection details. The BillAvenue Bill Collection Agent can simply display the bill from the BBPS system to the customer and collect the payment instantly. For every bill collection done through the BBPS system, the agent becomes entitled to receive a fee. Just as gas bill payments can be collected and income can be generated out of it, an agent can also collect bill payments for other utility services and earn high income regularly.

A BBPS Collection Agent Makes a Fortune and Gains Self-Esteem

Joining as an IGL Payment BBPS system agent will make you part of a standardized bill payment process initiated by BillAvenue. The present bill payment process is much simplified and faster as compared to the earlier methods of bill payment. The BBPS system expedites the payment to the biller and makes the customer feel secured about the payment as he is assured at the end of the day that his payment is going to the destined party. Also the cash flow to the biller increases rapidly due to shorter turnaround time of payment. The new and improved direct payment technology is efficient and fully secured. Your contribution to this entire process is seen as highly valuable and you also get to reap monetary benefits for service rendered to customers.

Customer Assistance

The bill payment process is very much simplified. Now the customer need not stand in long queues to make bill payments but rather just make bill payments online through the IGL Gas payment online BBPS system. To make an online payment, a customer needs just an internet enabled mobile phone or a computer. Otherwise the customer can contact the agent at his nearest office, KIOSK, ATM, bank branch or any other point-of-sale. With both online and offline channels available at hand, the customer makes his bill payment very comfortably without any hassles. BillAvenue also offers a wide range of payment options such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. A direct payment assures the customer that his funds have been transferred to the destined party which is further confirmed by an SMS or email sent from the BBPS system. BillAvenue also has a customer complaint management system organized mainly to deal with customer disputes and grievances.

Enhanced Opportunity for an Agent's Revenue Growth

The BBPS system lists all the major and minor billers of the country. Collaborating with BillAvenue provides you access to all these billers for whom you can collect bill payments and make a fortune. As more and more utility service consumers walk in your service center for making bill payments, your count of bill collection rises and this attracts higher revenue. The Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem is therefore a land of opportunities for those who wish to generate revenue through bill collection services.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Simple and guided integration with a certified entity
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard for quick account access
  • Full Commission gain without any deduction
  • One-point access to multiple billers