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Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited

Gulbarga Electricity Bill Payment Collection through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Get onboard into the Bharat Bill Payment System at BillAvenue and start collecting Gulbarga Electricity bill payments to earn a high income. As soon as you join BillAvenue as a Bill Collection Agent, you are provided with access to bill collection of thousands of utility companies that are available on the BBPS system. Each of these billers has millions of customers whom you can readily serve and earn an attractive income regularly. Services such as Direct-To-Home, broadband, mobile postpaid, gas, water supply, electricity and others are regularly consumed by customers. Collecting bill payments for all these services brings extra income to the agent.

Gather bill payments every month through GESCOM Gulbarga BBPS and earn Generous Service Fee

Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited (GESCOM) has taken the responsibility from KPTCL for distribution of electricity in 6 districts and commenced it operations from 2002. The Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) was incorporated as a replacement of Karnataka Electricity Board (KEB). GESCOM now supplies power to Koppal, Bellary, Raichur, Bidar and Kalburgi districts. The company has been applying rigorous efforts in providing constant and uninterrupted power supply by reducing transformer failure rate. GESCOM has also been working on metering of all installations in order to ensure that the power sold is correctly accounted and also to enable the company to claim correct subsidy from the Government. A large number of GESCOM power consumers now prefer to make their bill payments online. Gulbarga Electricity online payment BBPS system facilitates easy and secured online bill payment to GESCOM users through BillAvenue, a unified bill payment platform. Another alternative for millions of these customers is to walk up to the Collection Agent's shop or service center and make direct bill payment. If you are an entrepreneur or aggregate business who wants to apply for a bill payment agency, BillAvenue welcomes you in its Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem which not only offers you access to multiple billers but also gives you the chance to earn additional income from bill collections.

A GESCOM BBPS Agent Takes Home Guaranteed Income from Bill Collection

GESCOM aims to continue supplying quality power to its customers at competitive prices. It is committed towards achievement of the same by encouraging best practices in transmission and distribution, ensuring high order maintenance of all its technical facilities and by emphasizing the best standards in customer service. The online GESCOM bill payment BBPS makes it viable for power consumers to pay their bills instantly. You can also assist these customers by collecting their electricity bill payments after enrolling at BillAvenue as a Bill Collection Agent. In return for your services, you get to earn attractive fees.

Bill Collection through GESCOM Online Bill Payment BBPS

After joining as a BillAvenue BBPS Bill Collection Agent, you can access multiple biller companies for fetching their consumer bills. These bills can be presented from the BBPS system to the customers who make the payment to the agent. The BBPS agent collects the amount from the customer and receives his service charge on every bill payment collection done from the BBPS system. The process of bill payment collection is very simple and that's how the agent gets to collect payments for all the billers registered on the BBPS system.

A BBPS Collection Agent gets respected for his work and also Earns Income

Being a BBPS Collection Agent makes you part of a Bharat Bill Payment System which is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). As an agent you can contribute to a completely seamless bill payment process which is free from the risks of errors and delays that would usually occur due to intermediaries. The new and improved technology makes it very convenient for the customer to pay the bills on time thereby reducing the turnaround time of cash flow. This type of bill payment is very favorable to the biller as he gets his payment in time. As a Collection Agent, your contribution to the BBPS system is seen as highly valuable and you are rewarded with merited returns for your services.

Customer Satisfaction

A customer is the most important aspect of the entire bill payment process. To provide maximum convenience to the customer, BillAvenue offers online and offline BBPS system services for power bill payment and other utilities as well. A customer can enjoy the best of comfort while making bill payments through his/her mobile phone or computer which is internet enabled. Paying a bill offline is also not very complicated as the customer can easily track the nearest KIOSK, ATM, bank branch or other point-of-contact where the agent is available. Interacting directly and making payment to the agent adds human interface to the process. Furthermore the agent can use any of the available payment options such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. to clear their dues. The customer has access to multiple billers which is another feature of BillAvenue. After making the payment, the customer receives SMS or email confirmations from the BBPS system which assures successful transmission of funds to the destined party.

Increasing Opportunities for Revenue Growth

Very shortly every major and minor biller will be available on the BBPS system. A Collection Agent can see this as a tremendous opportunity for earning regular and steady income. Each biller has millions of customers. Offering bill collection services will attract more and more customers on a daily basis and this will increase the agent's count of service charges earned per transaction. The BBP (Bharat BillPay) ecosystem therefore is a land of opportunities for revenue generation.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • One-Point access to multiple billers
  • Collaboration with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) authorized entity
  • Full Commission without any deduction
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard for up to the minute status of account