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Eastern Power Distribution Co Ltd (APEPDCL)

Enroll under Bharat Bill Payment System of BillAvenue and Collect Bill Payments for APEPDCL

Generate high revenue by offering easy bill payment collection services for APEPDCL as a Collection Agent of BillAvenue. The BBPS system of BillAvenue has majority of the utility companies for whom you can offer your bill collection services and smartly earn a regular commission. Millions of customers can now pay their utility service bills from a single platform that supports gas, water, mobile postpaid, Direct-To-Home (DTH), broadband and other utility bill payments besides electricity. You can serve as a medium to assist these customers in making their bill payments online and offline without any hassles. For services rendered, you become entitled to receive commission on the basis of collections done.

Accept Bill Payments for APEPDCL and Get Paid with Generous Income

Eastern Power Distribution Company of A.P. Ltd. or APEPDCL was founded in the year 2000 as a power distribution company. It is a leading power utility that serves more than 4.97 million users across five districts in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The company has undertaken distribution and bulk supply of power to Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, East and West Godavari districts, and 20 divisions of coastal Andhra Pradesh. The headquarters and corporate office of APEPDCL is situated at Visakhapatnam. APEPDCL ensures a balanced development of power infrastructure in all circles of its operations. It also aims to focus on customer service by maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness in power distribution. Even though millions of power consumers continue to receive APEPDCL power supply, there is yet a big challenge before them on how to make bill payment for this as well as other utilities in a convenient way through a secured medium. BillAvenue has therefore empowered agents to function as bill collectors for Eastern Power Distributions Co. Ltd (APEPDCL) under its National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) certified BBPOU. Through APEPDCL Bill Payment BBPS you can get power consumers pay their bills at your service center or Point-of-service.

Being a Collection Agent for APEPDCL BBPS helps you Earn Income

APEPDCL supplies electricity through a network consisting of 587 sub-stations of 33 KV level, 2322 feeders of 11 KV level and more than 1,27,487 distribution transformers. APEPDCL consumers now have simple and effective solutions to make their power bill payment in almost no time through BillAvenue's Eastern Power Bill Payment BBPS which is a safe-to-use platform. Collect bill payments for APEPDCL and generate reasonable income for yourself.

Bill Collection through AP Eastern Power Distribution BBPS Platform

BillAvenue makes interoperability amongst participants in the Bharat BillPay network feasible. A Collection Agent can fetch bills from BBPS billers and collect money for those bills. To collect bill payments the agent has to follow a simple way. He/She displays the customer's bill from the BBPS system and collects the amount from the customer. As an AP Electricity Bill Payment BBPS Collection Agent you can collect bill payments for APEPDCL through reliable and secured processing. On every bill payment collection done by you, you get an agent's fee.

A BBPS Collection Agent Brings In Money and Respect

A bill payment collection done for APEPDCL through BillAvenue's platform will ensure flow of commission to the agent's account. BillAvenue is an entity certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to facilitate seamless bill payment from the customer to the utility service provider through a Collection Agent. The latest bill payment technology is a replacement of the older processes of bill payments which involved mistakes and delays. With direct payment technology, the biller is at advantage of receiving his/her bill payment in the shortest possible duration. Successful completions of bill collections not only reward the BBPS Collection Agents with service charges but also place them in high esteem for their contribution.

Standardized Customer Service

Customers can comfortably make their light bill payment on APEPDCL online bill payment BBPS that supports multiple payment options including Debit cards, Credit cards, Cash, Internet Banking, Mobile Payments, Prepaid cards, Wallets & UPI. Also for the customer who wants to make an easy and secured bill payment, BillAvenue offers both online and offline channels and also provides a centralized platform for complaint and dispute management. Personal interaction with the Bill Collection Agent makes the customer feel the presence of a human interface in the bill payment process. The customer is also happy to walk up to your conveniently located BillAvenue Agent Service Point and make instant payment in a fully secured transaction environment. The service consumer also gets an immediate confirmation of payment through SMS or email acknowledging the successful transmission of funds.

Opportunities for Agent's Revenue Enhancement

BBPS Collection Agents can rejoice as almost all billers are available on the BBPS system. More the numbers of billers, higher will be the volumes of bill payments received from customers. And this in return will fetch high income to the agent for providing bill collection services. Bill payment businesses can therefore choose to become Agent Institutions and merge their efforts with BillAvenue's integrated Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit (BBPOU) to set up bill payment collection services. In BillAvenue's BBP ecosystem, Agent Institutions get tremendous opportunities for increasing their revenue.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Instant Credit of Funds
  • Full Commission gain without any deduction
  • Completely Automated Process
  • Standards driven bill payment system