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India Power Corporation - Bihar

Collect India Power Bill Payments through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

BillAvenue offers you an opportunity to become a BBPS Collection Agent and earn steady income through India Power bill payment collection. On BillAvenue's Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem there is a broad range of utilities or service providers for which you can become a Collection Agent and generate revenue. There are customers across the country who use multiple utilities such as electricity, gas, water, mobile postpaid, broadband, Direct-To-Home and more. Generate a direct facility for these customers to pay their bills on time by enrolling as a BillAvenue BBPS Collection Agent today.

With Collection of Every IPCL Bill You Take Home Your Service Charges

India Power Corporation Ltd. (IPCL) was incorporated in the year 1919 as a power generation company formerly known as DPSC Limited. The company has been into constant innovation of renewable and conventional modes of power generation, distribution and power trading. The company holds a Power Distribution Licensee in Asanol, West Bengal and a Distribution Franchise in Gaya, Bihar. At present the power distribution company serves more than 1,80,000 customers. IPCL's 1500 MW of Thermal Portfolio is spread across West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh and 132.2 MW of renewable energy in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, West Bengal and Uttarakhand. As a large number of people consume IPCL power services on a daily basis they have to face challenges finding a place to pay bills for this as well as other utility services. How to get the bill in time and where to pay is a big question before power consumers. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner and seek to operate as a bill Collection Agent in your own town or region, BillAvenue provides you all the necessary means to do so. The India Power Bihar BBPS system is a platform that enables you to collect bills from customers who can directly walk in at your service center or store and make their payment.

Functioning as an India Power Corporation Bihar BBPS Agent will Furnish Income

IPCL has a 9-decade long history of power distribution and the company is further committed to enhance its potential for power distribution, generation and transmission. Bihar based power consumers are in search of a bill payment process which is hassle free and works for all utilities on a single platform. As a Collection Agent you can provide them these services through Bihar light bill BBPS system and collect reasonable amount of income as your service fee.

Bill Collection through a Bihar Electricity Bill Payment BBPS Platform

On BillAvenue's unified BBPS platform, a Collection Agent can draw bill details from a BBPS biller and collect electricity bill payments for service providers such as IPCL as well as payments for other utilities. A BillAvenue Collection Agent's job is simple. He/She has to display the customer's bill from the BBPS system and collect the payment from the customer. On every bill payment collected through the BBPS system, the Collection Agent earns attractive service fee. Literally all billers available on the BBPS system can be provided with Bill collection services by agents who in return for their services, get entitled to receive commission.

Work with Esteem as a BBPS Collection Agent and also Earn Commission

Once you are onboarded into the Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem of BillAvenue, you become a part of a bill payment system which is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). This seamless and secured online bill payment process replaces the outdated methods of bill payment which were bound with the risk of errors and delay. A customer makes direct payment through a BBPS Collection Agent and this brings down the turnaround time of cash flow to the biller. In the entire process of bill payment collection, the BillAvenue agent not only earns his/her service fee but also gets the honor of being a chain in the standardized bill payment system.

Customer Satisfaction Assured

In the new bill payment process, a Bill Collection Agent gets to directly interact with the customer and this brings in the element of human interface. The BBPS system comprises of a fully secured transaction environment in which the customer feels comfortable while making a bill payment to the Collection Agent. The customer is also happy to simply walk in to the nearest Bill Agent Service Point and conveniently make an instant payment. A transaction made through the BBPS system sends an immediate acknowledgement as SMS or email to the customer confirming the receipt of the payment by the destined party. This assures to the customer that his/her funds have been successfully transmitted. BillAvenue also has a unified complaint management system for settlement of various customer complaints and disputes.

Increased Revenue Opportunities for Agents

The BBPS system will soon have every major and minor biller of the country available on it. The BBPS Collection Agent now has the advantage of making as many bill payment collections as possible. As more and more customers will approach for their bill payments at the BBPS Agent Customer Service Point, the agent will have equal number of collections and corresponding earnings. The Bharat Bill Payment System is therefore seen as a great opportunity for Bill Collection Agents to generate attractive income.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Hundreds of Utility Services are available
  • Easy and Quick bill payment process
  • No Sharing of your Commission with any other party. You get the full fee.
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard for viewing account status and updates