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Torrent Gas Moradabad Limited formerly Siti Energy Limited

Torrent Gas Moradabad Limited Payment Collection through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Join BillAvenue, an interoperable platform that connects consumers with their utility companies through BBPS agents. Here you get access to thousands of biller companies who offer utility services to customers based across the country. Subscribers who use services such as electricity, gas, water, mobile postpaid, broadband and Direct-To-Home, need a single platform for making all their bill payments. As a BBPS Collection Agent you can assist them and also earn your service charge. Enroll today as a Bill Collection Agent of Torrent Gas Moradabad Limited and start earning handsome amounts of income.

Gather monthly Bill Payments through Torrent Gas Moradabad BBPS and earn Generous Fees

Torrent Gas Moradabad Limited (TGML) formerly Siti Energy Limited is a City Gas distribution network responsible for distributing power in Moradabad the State of Uttar Pradesh by the Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board. Torrent Gas supplies PNG to residential customers, commercial establishments and industries in the assigned regions and is now looking forward to set up CNG stations at various locations so that these services become easily available to customers. The company has so far commissioned 4 CNG stations in areas of the city and its outskirts. Torrent Gas aims to bring safe, clean & Green Piped Natural Gas to each household in its range of operations. Its services have become quite popular in the area and this is exactly why more and more people are subscribing to their services. However, finding a gas bill payment BBPS system for quick payment has always been a challenge for the gas consumers. TGML Gas Online Payment BBPS is one of the most powerful solutions provided by BillAvenue to meet the requirement of these customers. A user can easily make his gas bill payment online or simply find an agent outlet in his/her area to pay the bill directly. Entrepreneurs and aggregate businesses who wish to operate as bill collection agents can readily collaborate with BillAvenue and offer their services through their own service center or store based in their region.

Earn guaranteed Income as an Agent through a Torrent Gas Bill Payment BBPS system

TGML aims to provide gas supply services in a sustainable manner to the consumers. The customers can now pay their gas bills even on a mobile phone through TGML online payment BBPS or else get connected with an agent. A BBPS Collection Agent can assist the customer in paying his/her monthly bills and get rewarded with commission in return.

Bill Collection through TGML Bill Payment BBPS Platform

Through BillAvenue you can easily fetch bill details of many consumers of biller companies and also collect money for those bills. The bill collection process is simple. The agent needs to just display the bill to the customer from the BBPS system and collect payment. On every transaction done through the BBPS system, you get to earn your agent's fee. With thousands of billers available on the Bharat Bill Payment System, you can offer services to their customers in a hassle-free and secured way.

Gain Respect being a TGML Payment BBPS Agent and Earn Income also

A BillAvenue BBPS Collection Agent becomes part of a bill payment system which is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). The new bill payment process is much safer and faster as compared to the previous one. With direct payment technology the chances of errors and delays are minimized to the optimum. Customers also enjoy paying through convenient methods and get assured of paying directly to the biller company. This reduces the turnaround time of payment and increases cash flow to the biller. Contribution to such a standardized process is seen as a highly valuable aspect and you also get rewarded with extra income.

Customer Satisfaction

A customer gets the best service through unified bill payment systems. It is now viable for the customer to make gas bill payments on time and instantly. By just tapping a few keys on the mobile phone or computer the customer can connect with a TGML Bill Pay online BBPS and settle bill payment dues at any time of the day. Alternatively the customer can track the nearest agent center and personally visit the agent to pay off the bill. Agents are now available at near-by KIOSKs, ATMs, bank branches and other points-of-service. There are also multiple payment options like cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. which make the customer's life even more easier. An SMS or email is then sent to the customer from the BBPS system, confirming successful transmission of funds. BillAvenue also offers a centralized customer complaint management system service.

Revenue Growth

A TGML Bill Payment BBPS agent gets to serve millions of customers for which he gets paid in commission. BillAvenue is therefore a platform that offers plenty of earning opportunities to agent instituions. As more and more customers walk into the agent's service center the number of bill collections keep increasing and revenue is generated every day. Join BillAvenue and become a part of the Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem to earn maximum revenue.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Single Touch-Point for many customers
  • Easy integration with a certified entity
  • Full income without any deduction
  • Attractive dashboard for viewing account status and updates