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Haryana Urban Development Authority

Haryana Urban Development Authority Water Bill Payment Collection through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Enroll as a BillAvenue Agent today and start collecting HUDA water bill payments to earn surplus income. The Bharat Bill Payment System at BillAvenue lists all the billers that provide utility services to millions of customers across the country. An agent gets access to bill payment collection services for these billers and he/she can thereby earn attractive income by serving a large number of customers. Besides water supply, there are other utility services such as Direct-To-Home, mobile postpaid, broadband, gas, electricity, etc. which are consumed by people on a regular basis. Become a Bill Collection Agent and serve these people with bill payment collection services.

Collect Bill Payments through HUDA BBPS system and earn High Income

Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is an urban planning agency of the state of Haryana. HUDA was established in 1977 with an aim to plan the development of cities in Haryana. The primary function of the organization is to promote and secure the development of urban areas in a systematic and planned way with the power to acquire, sell and dispose off property, both movable and immovable. Besides this HUDA is also engaged in using the acquired land for residential, recreational, industrial and commercial purpose. The organization is also involved in making developed land available to Haryana Housing Board for providing houses to economically weaker sections of the society. Water consumers face challenges while paying bills. How to get the bill on time and where to pay it? These are some of the concerns of consumers who seek a common platform for payment of all their utility bills. A Haryana Water Bill Payment BBPS agent who is working in collaboration with BillAvenue platform, can serve these customers at his/her service center by offering bill payment collection services. An aggregate business owner or entrepreneur who wants to run a small business can join BillAvenue as an Agent Institution or Collection Agent, offer bill collection services and get rewarded with generous service fees.

Becoming a HUDA Haryana BBPS Agent will fetch guaranteed Income

HUDA offers services including water supply. HUDA water supply has a huge demand across Haryana and through the BBPS system it becomes feasible for all the customers to pay their monthly water consumption bills along with other utility bills. The HUDA BBPS system at BillAvenue, is a hassle-free utility bill payment platform where BBPS agents can not only offer their services but also earn a high income from it.

Bill Collection through a Haryana Water Bill BBPS system

When you join BillAvenue as a BBPS Agent, you are assigned the simple task of bill collection. BillAvenue is a centralized platform that assists agents to fetch a bill from the BBPS biller. Agents can now collect the bill amount from the customers directly. A Bill Collection Agent needs to display the customer's bill from the BBPS system and then collect payment from the customer. For every bill payment collection done through the BBPS system, the agent becomes entitled to receive his/her commission. As multiple billers are registered on the BBPS system, an agent gets tremendous exposure to bill collection opportunities.

Earn Regular Income and Self-Worth through a HUDA Water Bill Payment Haryana BBPS system

Certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the Bharat Bill Payment System at BillAvenue places Collection agents in a bill collection process which is seamless and risk-free. The new bill payment process is much faster and safer as compared to the earlier methods which contained the possibility of errors and delays caused by intermediaries. The advanced direct-pay technology reduces the turnaround time of payment and increases the cash flow to the biller. Being a part of the Bharat Bill Payment System not only confers upon you a responsible task and position but also enhances your regular income gains.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

To make a water bill payment, the customer can now go through the most secure and fastest online bill payment channels that are completely reliable and transaction safe. Doing an online bill payment is instant and far better than standing in long queues. A customer can simply pick his/her mobile phone and dial a few keys to pay water bill online. Alternatively the customer has offline options available at hand. He/She can simply walk up to the nearest agent location - KIOSK, ATM, Bank branch or other Point-of-sale and make quick payment to the Bill Collection Agent. The customer can have access to multiple billers through the unified platform of BillAvenue. He also gets various payment options such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. for making a convenient payment. After the customer has made his/her payment, an SMS or email is sent to the customer from the BBPS system assuring the successful transmission of funds. Besides these benefits, the customer can also register complaints at the centralized customer complaint redressal system of BillAvenue.

Enhanced Opportunity for Revenue Generation

Being a Bill Collection Agent at BillAvenue makes you a part of the BBPS system which provides access to multiple billers. Under each biller there are millions of utility consumers whom you can offer your bill collection services and earn regular income. As more and more customers walk in at your service center for bill payments, the count of bill collections goes up and so does your revenue. The BBP (Bharat Bill Pay) ecosystem is therefore a place for hundreds of opportunities to increase your scope of additional revenue.

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