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Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd - Assam

Collect Assam Power Distribution Payments through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

BillAvenue welcomes you onboard into its Bharat BillPay (BBP) ecosystem where you can become a Bill Collection Agent and earn high revenue on payments collected from utility consumers. At BillAvenue, you get easy access to all the biller companies who provide utility services. As an agent you can provide bill collection services to these billers and take home a fair amount of income as your own earning. Millions of customers consuming electricity, Direct-to-Home, broadband, mobile postpaid, gas, water supply, etc. can now get their bill payments done through the BBPS system by paying directly to a BillAvenue BBPS Collection Agent.

Become an APDCL Assam BBPS Agent and earn Guaranteed Income

Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) is a public limited company owned by the Government of Assam. Founded in the year 2009, APDCL mainly manages and operates the electricity distribution system, assets, liabilities, undertaking of the erstwhile Assam State Electricity Board (ASEB). Its primary purpose is to distribute, trade and supply electricity in the state of Assam or outside. It supplies power to almost every part of the state and has a consumer base of more than 33 lakh people. One of the key visions of the company is to be the catalyst for holistic growth of the state of Assam by powering Agriculture and Industry, lighting homes, rural and urban & generating internal resources for improving Technology and delivery system to induce customer delight. Amongst Assam based electricity consumers APDCL services are very popular. However, monthly payment of bills is a challenging task for many of them. How to get the bill on time and where to make the payment? These are some common concerns for electricity consumers. BillAvenue empowered APDCL online bill payment BBPS system is a powerful solution to overcome these issues of bill payment. You can now assist APDCL customers in paying their bills by joining BillAvenue as a Collection Agent. Even if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, setting up a contact point in your own service center or store is not a cumbersome task. Intergation with BillAvenue as an agent will authorize you to collect bill payments from customers and simultaneously earn a high income.

Get generous Service Fee by serving as an APDCL Electricity bill Assam BBPS Agent

APDCL is committed to make itself the pride of Assam. Its mission comprises of advanced planning of electricity procurement in order to meet customer demand, enhancement of electricity distribution networks, supplying the power to villages, etc. Customers using its services are now offered APDCL bill payment online BBPS system which is an online bill payment facility by BillAvenue. With this facility available, customers can easily make their bill payment either online or through offline channels such as Collection Agents. These BBPS agents can offer their services to customers and earn their service charge on a regular basis.

Bill Collection through APDCL Power Bill BBPS Platform

As a BillAvenue Collection Agent you can have access to multiple BBPS billers for whom bill collection can be done and a large amount of commission can be earned. The BBPS billers offer you bills of their consumers and you can directly collect money from them. A BillAvenue Agent has to simply display the bill to the customer from the BBPS system and collect the amount. On every bill collection done from the BBPS system, the agent gets to take home a fair amount of service fee. Having access to multiple billers can therefore be an excellent undertaking for the BBPS Collection Agent.

Earn Self-Worth and Income as a BBPS Collection Agent

When you enroll as a BBPS Collection Agent at BillAvenue, you become a part of the Bharat Bill Payment System which is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). A BBPS agent can contribute to a process which is seamless and more effective as compared to the old and outdated methods of bill payment which involved risks of delay and errors in making payments. The new and improved direct-payment technology makes it easier for the customers as well as the billers to get their bill payments done. It reduces the turnaround time of bill payments and increases cash flow to the biller. While contributing to such a standardized process, the BBPS biller is not only respected for his work, but also rewarded with well-earned commission or agent fees.

Enriching Customer Experience

Without having to stand in long queues, the customer can now make bill payments with full ease and security. The bill payment process has been simplified to the core. A customer can now just dial a few keys on his/her internet enabled mobile phone and transfer bill amount to the destined party. The BBPS system also sends a confirmation SMS after the payment has been done. This assures the customer that his/her funds are successfully transferred to the biller. Alternatively the customer can walk up to the nearest agent location at a KIOSK, ATM, Bank branch or other Point-of-sale and make a hassle-free payment besides getting to interact directly with the agent. BillAvenue offers multiple payment options such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, prepaid cards, UPI, etc. to the utility consumer so that he/she can enjoy full convenience and a seamless bill payment experience. BillAvenue also serves a bill payment platform for customer complaint management and redressal of customer grievances.

Revenue Growth

An Assam electricity bill payment online BBPS agent can work with every major and minor biller that is listed on the BBPS system. This can be seen as a tremendous opportunity for the agent who can serve millions of customers using various utilities from a single platform. As more and more customers are offered bill payment collection services, there is quick flow of income to the agent. Enroll at BillAvenue today and earn maximum income as a Bill Collection Agent.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Easy Integration with Certified BBPOU
  • Full Commission without any cuts
  • Attractive dashboard for easy account status update
  • Standards driven bill payment process