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Airtel DTH

Collect Airtel DTH Payments through Bharat Bill Payment System with BillAvenue

Become a Collection Agent of BillAvenue today and collect Airtel DTH Top Up payments to earn the highest service charge. Through the Bharat Bill Payment System, BillAvenue gives you easy access to collect bill payments for a wide range of utilities and earn attractive agent commission. Millions of customers are looking to pay their bills for services including broadband, gas, electricity, water supply, mobile postpaid, and more. By enrolling as a BillAvenue BBPS Collection Agent, you can serve all these customers and earn a no risk income through agent fees.

Collect Airtel DTH service payments and earn generous Service charges

Airtel Digital TV is an Indian direct-broadcast satellite service provider owned by Bharti Airtel. The DTH service provider transmits digital satellite television and audio to thousands of customers based across the country. Airtel Digital TV provides on-demand services including movies, TV series, and other programmes across English and various Indian languages. It also offers interactive services such as iDarshan, iKidsworld, iMusicspace and games. These services have become very popular for viewers in every nook and cranny of the country. But there are big challenges of finding a place to pay and a way to pay for DTH Top-ups. How to get your bill in time and where to pay? Now with the Airtel DTH Payment System BBPS, millions of Airtel DTH customers all over India can pay for these services at your shop/ service center. Entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to open a small business in small towns and regions can become a BillAvenue Collection Agent and earn extra income through the BillAvenue BBPS System.

As Airtel DTH is very popular, becoming an Airtel DTH Bill Payment Collection Agent will give guaranteed income

Airtel Digital TV provides digital entertainment across the country. Its customers are given a wide range of selection for their entertainment needs and have a simple yet effective solution to recharge their Airtel DTH connection with channels of their choice through BillAvenue's Airtel DTH BBPS system, a hassle free utility payment platform. Become a BillAvenue Collection Agent and earn high income from Airtel DTH recharge Bill Collection.

Bill Collection through Airtel DTH BBPS Platform

BillAvenue is a centralized platform that assists agents to fetch a bill from the BBPS Biller, and collect money for those bills of many utility companies like Airtel DTH. As a BillAvenue Bill Collection Agent, you simply display the customers' bill from the BBPS System and collect the amount from the customers. You earn attractive agent fees for payment taken for every bill collected through the BBPS system. It is that simple. It lets you collect payments for bills of all the billers registered on the BBPS System with assurance, reliability and secured processing.

As a BBPS Collection Agent, you earn both money and respect.

When you join us as a BillAvenue BBPS Collection Agent, you become a part of the Bharat Bill Payment System which is certified by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). You are now part of a seamless online bill payment process which improves the bill payment efficiency, thereby eliminating delays and mistakes caused by intermediaries in the bill payment cycle. Outdated methods of bill payments are now replaced with a faster and direct-pay technology that reduces the turnaround time of cash flow to the biller. As a BBPS Collection Agent, not only is your contribution to the Bharat Bill Payments System seen to be highly valued, but you are rewarded with generous BBPS Collection Agent Fees.

Customer Satisfaction on Priority

As a BillAvenue Agent, your personal interaction with the bill payer brings in the important human interface to the whole process. When you present the Utility Bill for payment through the BBPS System in a fully secured transaction environment, a customer enjoys the comfort of recharging his/her DTH connection. Also imagine the happiness of the customer when he can simply walk up to your conveniently located BillAvenue Agent Service Point, to make instant payment. A direct payment also assures to the customer, successful transmission of funds to the destined party and immediate acknowledgement of the transaction through the BBPS System. At BillAvenue, customers have a unified platform for settlement of various complaints and disputes as well.

Enhanced Opportunity for Revenue Growth of BillAvenue Agents

Very shortly, every major and minor biller of the country is going to be available on the BBPS system. As a BBPS Collection Agent, this is indeed good news. This means more and more customers will walk into your BBPS Agent Customer Service Point and seek to pay all their bills. BillAvenue offers a BBP (Bharat Bill Pay) ecosystem which serves as land of opportunities that can greatly increase your scope of additional revenue.

Why Should an Agent Sign-Up with us?

  • Easy Integration with Certified BBPOU
  • Instant credit of full Agent's commission without any cut.
  • One-point access to Multiple Billers
  • Complete update on Agent account status through easy Dashboard operation